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Qudorat Exhibits Income-Generating Products and Services
1st April 2009

Amman, 24 March 2009 - The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation's (MOPIC) Qudorat program staged an exhibition of products and services of 87 income-generating projects (IGPs) this month as the program's second phase came to a close.

Qudorat, comprising Noor al Hussein Foundation and Jordan River Foundation, is a government-initiated program with a mandate to build the capacities of community-based organizations through training in management, technical and business skills throughout the 12 governorates of Jordan.

The exhibition, held at Al Hussein Youth City, is the culmination of efforts by both foundations in equipping community-based organizations (CBOs) with the means for work efficiency, employment provision and financial sustainability. The program consisted of capacity building in basic business skills and institutional development.

One of the exhibits on display, tourism products.

The teams also provided on-the-job business training in marketing, financial management and strategic planning once the business ideas had been accepted.

On display at the Youth City were the products of 87 income-generating projects belonging to CBOs; a selection of these were the first women's fitness center in Madaba, a spice factory, medical clinics, an eco-tourism hiking equipment outlet, heating equipment shop, concentrated fodder factory,sheep farms, an educational toy factory and an agricultural services outlet.

Income-generating projects included diverse types of projects ranging from food to the production of industrial hydraulic pipes, and sewage recycling services.

Um Laith, from one of the CBOs, explained how the results affected her women's organization: 'The Qudorat training helped us to set up a shop for electrical appliances which, besides bringing in funds, gave us exposure to the public, which in turn brought in more members to our organization. This kind of assistance helps us to keep growing.'

Qudorat has been operating as part of MOPIC's socio-economic productivity drive since 2004. The second phase has generated 565 new employment opportunities and benefited 5000 people, 33 per cent of whom are women.

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