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Jordan Micro Credit Company (Tamweelcom)
For many poor people, breaking the cycle of poverty depends on self-employment through very small businesses. But for 70% of the world's poor people, the best replica watchespotential to build their assets, generate income and move beyond day-to-day survival is hindered by a lack of access to basic financial services.

In 1999, NHF launched a major non-profit microfinance institution (MFI) to assist “unbankable” entrepreneurs. The Jordan Micro Credit Company (Tamweelcom), one of only five MFIs in Jordan, grew out of NHF’s successful credit programs in remote rural areas throughout the country.

Initially funded by USAID and now a financially independent non-profit institution, Tamweelcom disburses loans to low-income entrepreneurs to enable them to set up micro-enterprises or expand existing ones. These very small businesses are a key engine for economic development, particularly for women, spurring income growth and poverty reduction.

Tamweelcom offers a variety of loan packages tailored to the needs of clients. Borrowers receive increasing lines of credit as they successfully meet their repayment goals, an initiative that encourages responsibility and a more sophisticated level of entrepreneurship. Repayments are recycled back into the system and used again to support other micro-entrepreneurs.

Borrowers may market their products through Tamweelcom's Marketing Gateway, which provides a permanent showroom in Amman and holds annual bazaars across the country. This gives Tamweelcom clients increased visibility in the market, and enables them to better identify their customer base, expand their market, and interact with prospective buyers.

To provide additional support to its clients, Tamweelcom launched an Educational Grant program in July 2007 to provide 1,000 school scholarships to clients’ children. The grants cover tuition fees, uniforms, books, stationery and daily pocket money.

Tamweelcom has 21 branches across Jordan, and has disbursed 250,510 loans to 121,706 clients at a total value of US$154 million. 94% of the beneficiaries are women. The repayment rate of loans is 99.7%, operational sustainability is 125% and financial sustainability is 115%.

Tamweelcom’s work with women entrepreneurs is part of the King Hussein Foundation program WAGE: Women and Girls Empowerment – Securing the Future.

International Recognition
In recognition of its commitment to financial transparency and management efficiency, Tamweelcom has received several awards and ratings from international organizations.





B+ ratingfromPlaNet Rating Commission

Five Diamondswere awarded fromMIX Market




Merit AwardfromCGAP(Consultative Group to Assist the Poor)

CGAP Financial Transparency Award

Tamweelcom is the only MFI from the MENA region to receive all of these awards in one year.




CGAP Pro-Poor Innovation Challenge Award


'A' rating from PlaNet Rating Commission






Featured 5-Diamond Profile for the Month of March 2008 by MIX Market.The position is based on transparent operations and complete disclosure.

The Schwab Foundation Middle East Regional Social Entrepreneurship Award for its role in maximizing benefits for the society and the environment.
Certificate of Excellence from King Abdullah II Award for Excellence for its second place ranking among 41 private companies.
Performance Award in Microfinance from Sanabel Microfinance Network of Arab Countries for distinguished performance in the microfinance industry worldwide.

'A' rating from from the global microfinance rating agency PlaNet Rating Commission.










Contact Information

PO Box 925715
Amman 11190 Jordan
Tel. + 962 6 5354337/8
Fax. + 962 6 5354328
Email: info@tamweelcom.org






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